Wake up your Immune System

Imagine your immune system is a lifeguard scanning the sea for sharks. Help it see those invaders a mile away and spring into action giving you the immune support you need.

This month get Oregon’s Wild Harvest high-quality immune-support herbs at 20% off. Look for display at the front of the store.

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  4. Sniper dit :C’était pas Jean Chétiens ??Ha non… lui c’était avec un casque à l’envers… faut croire que tous les grand chef d’état commettent ce genre d’erreur (sic).

  5. What is going on with the USATF?? Aren’t there former athletes on the board, they need to get over themselves. Just like we see in other organizations where the board members put themselves above the people they are there to SERVE. The USATF is a broken entity and needs a complete overhaul. This isn’t about the suits and their severence packages, it’s about the sport and it’s athletes, they have clearly forgotten that. Last time I checked, Lagat runs for the US and the USATF should be lauding his accomplishments and promoting the crap out of centrowitz.

  6. You will get them my brothers. You will have to share them though. There are only three copies of the second CD, so I will have one, the posh young man who bought one at the gig will have one and the brothers will have a shared copy.

  7. People keep saying people don’t like hes because hes a white rapper. It not that its just that the people that like rap don’t know him that much because he is is an actor and plays on these shows.

  8. Wow, how funny! I was secretly hoping my posting about it would make someone step forward and say, “I happen to live there now. Should we become best friends? You can come over and swim in the indoor pool anytime,” but this is pretty close! And you were on such a high floor to boot. It must have been incredible.

  9. Hi MeganI absolutely adore the made in the deep south 1960’s Brooch Alabama Estate on Leather Cuff.  I need that cuff in my in my jewelry box, it’s a fabulous piece. BTW I would love the styling session too. Thank Megan Alex

  10. Small turnout (the nice summer day provided some appealing alternatives) but reconnected with some old friends who dropped by during the day. One was Richard Gonzalez who provided some models for the display case, along with Brian Nerino’s Su-27 kit. Thanks to everyone who came by and joined in!

  11. Final note on the $600k mortgage …ONLY 30 year fixed is even offered and no second mortgages built into the deal. Anyone with a rental that has an ARM with a reset is probably screwed unless they can cut a deal with the bank. Even then, the rent probably won’t cover the mortgage making default the best option. – Rate this comment: 0  0

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  14. *Tit : ravie de t’avoir apporté un peu de soleil dans l’assiette. *Claude-Olivier : yes, bonne idée ! *Bolli : à tout de suite ! *La cuisine des 3 sÅ“urs : alors à table ! *Mamina : il y a des secrets qui sont à partager. *Gracianne : si ça te botte, ça me plaît. *Tiuscha et Jess : merci ! *Sha : cool !*Auntie Jo : j’aime beaucoup la Sophie’s touch ! Merci !*Marion : j’aurais du me douter que le rouget n’était pas ta tasse de thé 😉 ! Les CSJ, tu aimes ? Je ne me souviens plus. Sinon, des petits cubes de poulet revenus à la poêle. *Alexie : merci Alexie.

  15. Qué super bocado, si es que Sonia, cuidas hasta el más mínimo detalle!. Recuerdo cuando se puso de moda la crema de piquillos hará bastante años, recuerdo que probé en casa de una amiga, unas simples patatas al horno con la misma y ligeramente gratinado a lo gratin Dauphinois… lo que me impactó!!Me lo has recordado…

  16. What a beautiful and well written essay about Frida! Not only had she survived polio during her childhood, but she endured so much pain due to the injuries sustained from the bus accident. Was there even a day in her life when she did not feel pain? And yet she was able to translate that suffering into art that still speaks to us. Thank you for sharing!

  17. Hilda, jag har dock aldrig pÃ¥stÃ¥tt att jag tror pÃ¥ ”slumpen” och i övrigt skulle inte nÃ¥gon ”Gud” förklara känslor som kärlek, glädje och vrede heller.Det är ingen slump att du sitter här just nu och läser det jag skriver pÃ¥ den dator/mobil/läsplatta, det kallas för evolution. Du skulle kunna fÃ¥ svara pÃ¥ följande frÃ¥ga: Varför har vi människor en svanskota för?

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  19. i am so lucky that i live across from our public library – i love to borrow books vs buy them!i hope you enjoy the book, fran! i have not read harry potter or the hunger games (“popular” books) but i really liked 50 shades of grey (sorry!).happy reading! i am STILL on circle of friends and state of wonder…maybe i can finish them by the end of january?!

  20. Speaking of conveniently forgetting things, remember when Ms Dorey solicited donations to help a family seeking asylum from authorities because they were being persecuted because of their alternative medicine choices, only, they weren’t, because the entire thing was a work of fiction dreamt up by a woman who, I can only surmise, is suffering from prolonged paranoid delusions? Convenient, eh?

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