Need help picking the perfect avocado? We’ve got you covered. Watch this quick how-to video.

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  8. I'm sitting here thinking "why haven't I thought of that"!  I always make the sausage cheese balls (with biscut mix) so now I'm wondering if this can be done with pancake mix in the same way, without having to use the cooked pancakes. 

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  23. Jason, I agree with Joe and Sally that the volume of the background music was a little to loud which was distracting and knowing the time frame ahead of time would be helpful. The information presented is mostly clear to me but, of course, I remember you explaining it to us at interviews. I definitely have enjoyed the reemphasis of these principles, however. I tend to forget and need to be reminded. Especially since we are bombarded with such negative news on the TV and newspapers. Thanks for being a shelter in the storm.

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  157. Well, I’ll give you guys one thing… at least you were kind enough to link to FTME’s article. Perhaps your readers will take time to read it and his follow-up comments (which, as Strider notes, provide clarification to a good deal of the issues to which your guest author takes issue).For the record, our brother in Christ FTME is NOT a current IMB missionary (see comment #55 in the linked post, and his bio ).

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  203. 'One man's loss is another man's gain?'…but what about the influence of the good/bad dichotomy? It all starts sounding so ugly and hopeless – little wonder people simply resign themselves to "what's the point", or, measure “better or worse” only in terms of personal pain. "Politics" – who needs it? "Politicians" – who needs them?Still, thanks for another brilliant piece! You always make me think.


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