Wishing You Every Happiness this Holiday Season and Through Out the Coming Year

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  1. Guy – I am honored. I went to peek around your place, and will be back in a week or so, as I am in the midst of writing my Blogging From A to Z April Challenge posts, at the moment.Thank you for taking the time to read and comment here. I had intended to investigate your Gazette, and you brought it to me!

  2. Bamboo e varza la promovare, probabil ca nu au nevoie de asa ceva avand deja clientela formata din bucurestenii care cunosc localul din Bucuresti si vor veni si la Brasov in weekend-urile lor la munte. Vremea fitelor a apus de mult sunt curios ce anume inseamna fite in kasho? Clienti care nu put a transpiratie si nu se imping ca aia din alte locatii mai de kkt?

  3. ciao! Anche io ho visto la puntata.. alla fine, un pensiero mi circolava in testa: ma guarda, abbiamo trafficato tanto per giungere a comprendere che, alla fine, stiamo meglio quando abbiamo meno e viviamo bene quando sappiamo rispettare la natura. Mi risuonano le parole della badessa nel dialogo delle carmelitane: viviamo tutta una vita per ritornare bambini.spero possano esserci nuovi programmi come quello che stai conducendo ora! ci aiuta a pensare. graziepaola

  4. Devona, I feel you. Keep writing sister. I disagreed with some parts of your essay, but it's all good as far as I am concerned. I am glad you wrote it.We are talking to each other and engaging in positive dialogue and that's the important thing.Hell even the [un]constructive one has some things to say that are worth listening to. What's that saying? A broken clock….:) LisaMJ, thanks for reminding me about my challenge to our girl Angela. Yep, I am still waiting. I even have a promoter down in D.C. ready to go. 🙂

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  6. If you’ve ever seen the movie Equilibrium, then you’ll know what I’m talking about. Some movie that takes place in the future about ultimate control over a society by a government/company/etc. If you’ve seen the movie V for Vendetta then that movie is also a good example. I’ve also read a book called “The Giver” and seen all the Matrix movies. The movie should also be available on Netflix. Any other suggestions?

  7. I forgot to include in the post, I drove into the suburbs around Denver with Lenny and Eoin from Polldaddy and spotted what must have been at least 100 and probably more pumpkins on the lawn in front of a church.Light was too bright, and the lawn was in shade so I didn’t get a decent photo but a shot of the church with pumpkins in the foreground could have been great!

  8. I never thought about it in this way before-it makes sense to divorce the house too instead of having things come back to bite you in the future if things go awry with the other persons finances. I especially like the idea of having it inspected again, see what things are about to need repairing or replacing. That could make a big difference about even wanting the house or not.

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  13. . The purpose is His purpose first. When we live our lives with that perspective, it makes things easier. Working with the will of God is infinitely easier and brings real peace and joy, as opposed to working against Him. I also think that seeking our Father’s will tends to make our gifts more obvious. Nice job Dan. Thanks Juan.

  14. Hey guys I have just updated to the new version of Chrome and it appears that there are even more problems with Windows Live Hotmail than before. I no longer get any response from any of the links when I click on them. I am not able to read or compose mail nor am I able to change folders. Just thought I would let you know. Cheers.

  15. Me parece bien que se conozca el contexto histórico en el que se desarrolló la dictadura militar en Chile. Ahora si los privados no financian estos proyectos, es por que no es rentable para ellos, por lo que el Estado debe tomar cartas en el asunto….NO MAS IMPUESTOS A LA LITERATURA, MÁS APORTE PARA LA CULTURA!!!

  16. Thank you for posting this. I had been using the clay mask all over my face and noticing it was working really well on my problem spots but leaving me dried out on my healthy skin when I would use it too much. It never occurred to me to just use the clay as a spot treatment. Going to bed with clay on my chin spot now!

  17. “Eikö voitaisi luottaa siihen, että osaamme omin päin tehdä asioita fiksusti.”Olisiko jotain näyttöä siitä, että tämmöinen olisi joskus toiminut. Jos teollisuus päästettäisiin huseeraamaan ihan niinkuin itse haluaa lopputulos ei ole lasten katsottavaa.

  18. Em primeiro lugar no campeonato e depois de uma vitória sobre os lagartos de certeza que vamos conseguir encher o estádio…..com 35 mil pessoas!O habitual!A não ser que o pai natal chegue mais cedo, carregadinho de bilhetes para oferecer a quem se comp… a quem conhecer alguém dentro do Benfica!

  19. Pudique, mollasson, mou? J’aime bien l’humour, comme toujours, et cette façon d’aborder le sujet. Surtout que si on veut de l’édifiant, le lien vers le blog de Djou en bas de la note nous en donne largement (je ne le connaissais pas d’ailleurs, merci de l’avoir placé là!).

  20. Hi Sweetums! Hope you're on the road to recovery. I haven't heard from you in so long I'm worried about you. Are you okay? Plus I see this post is so old too! Please let somebody know so they can pass the word. I see you have many, many friends who are as worried as I am. Hugs and you are in my prayers!!! Who luvs ya baby!!!!

  21. Walls, walls and more walls….I can see it now, lots of artwork on them…this is what it will become, a canvas for people to do their best with paint….ugly just like the people who are presenting them….what a mess we are in and they have caused it all by themselves….not one council member can stand up to the mayor or one another and stop this train….good luck in the election, I hope the good residents are learning from this weak council….

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  25. Hey Chris,Yes, you’re absolutely right – you don’t get casts like that these days. However, I wonder if you are right to describe Alien as a ‘B-movie’? True, it was derivative of genre films of the 1950s and 60s but, given that it was (as I recall) sold very much as a ‘A’ film, and was transferring the mainstream mega-thriller blockbuster motifs that had only recently been introduced by Spielberg in Jaws (1975) to the horror/sci-fi genres, I am not so sure myself. Perhaps Mr Scott simply had a very good eye for the future of the medium – I for one await Prometheus (2012) with bated breath…

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  28. "Steve's phrase "the global favor bank" seems like a useful one for understanding the world. Giant conspiracies must almost inevitably look like vast bureaucracies, and that suggests a lot about their likely effectiveness."Also, global favor banks encourage individual loyalties across fault lines of religion, national allegiance, ethnography, and geography, leading to the rise of powerful cosmopolitan elites like the one that got Obama elected President, over the best interests of the United States.

  29. One more thing.I will never view another Pajama Media blog again. If these mindless rubes seem to think they can use advertising revenue as an attempt to silence free thought, I have no use for them any longer.Sorry, Atlas. Sorry, As*-toot bloggers. – SodraP.S.I would really appreciate if someone could compile a list of current Pajamas Media blogs to delete from my daily “check list.”

  30. I don’t require him to answer them per se. I do require him to explain why he is suggesting that asking them amounts to taking part in a smear campaign.But are you seriously suggesting that his record as Welsh Party Leader is not relevant in this campaign in particular with regard to his claims to be offering a popular style of campaigning? Or that his failure to launch his campaign suggests a lack of organisational nous?

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  33. Bryce / Very reasonable analysis all around. I’ve always been very ambivalent about what I think about Ackerman, honestly. He’s sorta funny, but in a strange, and in this case, pretty uncreative and tactless way. Love the bit calling out BYU students too. All too true. But yeah, the video was definitely a cheap shot, and you took it apart nicely.

  34. Yay so glad that you have started the blog! Loving that nightmares turn into a great opportunity for some creative story writing for both mother and daughter, turning black into pink xxx

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  37. “Gosh – that man is a genius. None of our current generation come even close to the class of movies Amitabh made in 70s and early 80s.”Totally agree beld. None of these present lot come close to Bachchan. He is class apart. The only other actor, time immemorial who impresses me is Dilip Kumar.

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  42. So you love democracy enough to stop people from having a vote. You rock.Fuck Scott you’ve gone from attacking lol on her public transport arguement, seem to be not winning there and now you jump on this bullshit MMP referendum is democracy so you must hate democracy for not letting the elites have a go at putting back in place a system that benefits them. You’ve disappointed me twice this morning.

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  46. of course like your web web site even so you need to take a appear at the spelling on quite some of your posts. Numerous them are rife with spelling troubles and I to uncover it really troublesome to tell the truth nevertheless I’ll undoubtedly come once again again.

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  50. Barbel squats are something I’ve never participated in as it never ever felt “right” to me. I played soccer in college and was the only person on the team that did not squat. My short 5-10 yard burst was the fastest on the team. From an evolutionary perspective…..and throughout history have tried getting stronger…I don’t think a weight loaded squat was ever part of the mix. Ancient Scottish highland type competitions involved carrying a very heavy log…but the would not “squat” with it. Marc

  51. Ran out and got these after your review post, and to the marvel of all the females in my family, it worked nicely on my long, silky, heavy, thick hair. The hold feels good- not super tight or painful, but also not like its about to fall out. However, if you have layers- like I do- it doesn’t capture all the strands so a few bobby pins and hair product is helpful.Gonna try this tomorrow with some product like you suggested!

  52. I don’t know why they need to make an Uncharted movie. The production quality of the games themselves already rivaled those of a lot of what Hollywood is putting out now anyway. Just play the games again and beg and plead for Uncharted 3!

  53. This really angers me. What right does he have to treat a child that way??? He needs to retire, sit on his porch and yell at kids to get off his lawn if he wants to be hateful to his patients. I am only ASSUMING this is an old man based on how JADED he sounds. I would hope a younger doctor would still be passionate about HELPING people and would not have gotten so COLD so early in his career. My father-in-law is a general practitioner and he is a very caring, warm doctor, still. That pediatrician needs to take a page from Dr. Wubbena’s book!

  54. The very crux of your writing whilst sounding agreeable originally, did not settle properly with me after some time. Someplace throughout the sentences you were able to make me a believer unfortunately only for a very short while. I still have got a problem with your leaps in logic and one might do nicely to help fill in all those breaks. If you can accomplish that, I will definitely be impressed.

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  56.   September 3, 2009>Rachel great inspirational post. I was cursing you this morning. I am a bit beyond 3/4 of the way thru Prey and I almost had to stop reading. But of course I couldn't because it is so good! But oh, I can't believe what happened. Good writing, very good writing!

  57. My bad! I was only aware of the Santa Monica in California. In my defense, I’m pretty sure there have been at least 2 Italian sci-fi or horror movies that were set in a not 100% convincing version of the States. Like Mattei’s Cruel Jaws for instance.Worth a correction, though. Thanks, Will!

  58. Oh those snow covered tables and tilted chairs look so lonely there… in hibernation…Hope you are staying warm and safe as the cold and snow assails us… Can't tell you what a mess all this bad weather makes for us at work… 🙁 Even if the snow is pretty to look at and photograph…:-)Be well Nath !

  59. There’s a science experiment in which you put an egg in vinegar. Eventually the calcium carbonate in the shell is dissolved, leaving a sort of rubbery inner layer, with the yolk and white intact. The dissolution is the point of the experiment, but I don’t know if the resulting eggs are edible (safe OR tasty).

  60. RE: Feb 27, 10:30 This is not the first comment that chastises “you voters” for puting Villar in office. The fact is that the majority of voters did not vote for Villar. Collectively, the other candidates received 158,620 votes while the mayor got 152,613.

  61. I read the crap ones in the checkout lines, but I need my Sporting News and ESPN to actually “read” instead of browse When it comes to Psychology Today though, I park my butt at the bookstore and read it front to back. And what’s with the yoga jab? Are you not a fan? They have some very cerebral and insightful articles–it’s much more than just the physical act

  62. There’s an astonishingly analytic account of the etiology of the disturbances on, of all places, Fran Kelly’s Breakfast on RN.I despaired of the day when something worth listening to on that show would puncture the vacuity that is the stock-in-trade of its regular host. Today at least, there was someone capable of brushing her and her tropes to one side and speaking sense.

  63. Sean (26)-The bailout will come. The banks and RE lobby will buy off the Congressmen they need to make it happen. This is just the posturing before the final action…which will probably occur at 3 AM, with the actual bailout being buried in some other, unrelated piece of legislation.

  64. Renting 147 – If I recall correctly, after the stem cell question was voted down, Corzine gave the go-ahead to build the facilities anyway even though we are not going to fund the research. That seems more like a giant F-U than a shrug off to me.Apologies if my facts are not correct. I blame Stu, as he b*tched about this for months.

  65. I’m not a shopper and can only remember one time when I went out shopping on the Friday after Thanksgiving. It was in Detroit. If I remember correctly, I had a good time and enjoyed a great meal in downtown Detroit, across from the main Hudson’s store. Oh yes! This happened before most of you were born.

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  76. Thank you so very much for all of your hard work and the inspiration it provides to those of us on the lung cancer journey. My stage 4 diagnosis in May of this year was a huge shock as I am a life-long non-smoker. However a number of courses of antibiotics were prescribed for sinus and bronchial treatment before a lung X-Ray was finally ordered. There should have been none of that delay in a routine lung X-Ray even for a non-smoker. Your work gives me hope. Thank you.

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  99. I’m still trying to figure out how to combat stress, but you’re right on with these! Enough sleep is absolutely huge…I’m a bear when I’m tired. I, too, find I have a tendency to shut people out when I’m overwhelmed w/work and school and don’t make time for them like I should. I need to do much better at this because it always helps relieve some of the stress just to get together and laugh! I don’t pray nearly like I should…but when I do, I always feel better. God is good like that Jill´s last blog post..

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  136. I like the idea of Ozzel as rebel symp; it makes sense, and I think that theory is explored over on stardestroyer.net somewhere. I just read Allegiance, though, and in it Captain Ozzel (about 0.5 ABY) is incompetent, not an unsung hero. (Doesn’t mean he couldn’t have a change of heart before ESB, though.)

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