Check out this vegan version of Mac & "Cheese" that's not only yummy, but packed with protein, too!

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  24. Father Jim, I’ve seen you make this claim repeatedly, and yet, you never cited a single piece of evidence as proof. On the other hand, Sissy, it’s the same level of proof he offered on the evils of the RNC. I’m no big fan of either party at this point, but with the Republicans, we have some chance to undo the damage done; with the Dems, the damage will increase.

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  38. that again with Michele Bachman in her town Hall meeting. Well Donald why don't you check it out, others have and even gone to court without any success. Maybe you can prove this once and for all. Where is the next Woodward reporter who has the guts to ask the right questions and put an end to this issue once and for all. What are they afraid of.

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  40. Hi Mim, we worked at WBC together. I too have to take Thyroxine every day now but sadly it has caused me weight gain, though lucky for me I had none of those other symptoms except lethargy. I also had pre-diabetes but I’ve never heard it described as Syndrome X before – oddly, I have a book about that very thing in my library so I should dig it out and look through it. Thanks for sharing your story with us. I’m looking forward to reading more about your journey. Take care, sweet one.

  41. Jay and Christina thank you so much. These photographs are wonderful. We were taken straight back to our daughter’s wedding day…..and it will be the same every time we look at them. Such precious memories for Jen & Tony, and for all of us, to treasure. So looking forward to seeing the whole album.From Rene & Johnnie Carse

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  48. “Have Spacesuit, Will Travel” also fits this vein, for me. The younger girl is considered smarter than the main protagonist, and although expressing some weaknesses they are understandable, human weaknesses rather than ‘female’. Some of his other works like “Glory Road” and “Job” also contain strong female characters that enrich the story (and their fellows). Not all of RAH’s works do though – “Farmer in the Sky” and “Starman Jones” have only 2D females.

  49. I know! I just read your newest post was like “oh, no! I hope I didn’t give anything away”. Things have been action-packed. Though I really hated the LaLa lip scene. What was that bird thinking by going out there? I know he did it for Jesus, but still. Voodoo Gramps was one scary dude!

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  60. Also Timo — Düsseldorf wäre sicher sehr interessant, schon wegen der »Open Air« Stimmung und der breiteren Bühne! Aber das geht sich nicht aus. Für mich geht nach Berlin und München, die Tour am 22.6. in Budapest zuende! Und dann warten wir mal ob Roger 2012 nicht noch einmal auf einen Sprung vorbeischaut!

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  187. Ms. Ranade-Janis: I did not think you were slamming America at all – rather, you rightly point out that our media is the culprit. We can only learn about what we read or see, and if the media is slanted toward certain stories about our government, then we will have to dig deeper to find other news. Thanks for your blog so that we have other options!

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